Premium Covers For Braces


Premium Covers For Braces

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New 2.0 model of best selling comfort covers!

TecnidentUSA is pleased to offer the most comfortable, high quality dental mouth guard for braces on Amazon. 

  • No Guessing: Our covers now include marks to help identify the top and bottom covers. Updated online instructions with photos to minimize confusion and mistakes No Mess: Our covers are designed to replace orthodontic wax for braces wearers with minor alignment issues or near the end of their treatment.
  • Protection: Flexible, smooth bumper shields snap securely to your braces from your front teeth to second molar, providing an extra layer of relief to minimize the pain and irritation caused by sharp braces and rough wires.
  • Comfort: A light-weight alternative to standard bulky mouth guards; perfect musicians and public speakers. Use with dental wax for extra customized comfort Long Lasting: Can be worn for hours on end, including during sleep, only requiring removal for eating and brushing teeth. 
  • Design: Each cover is a standard size of 4″ long, made from bio-compatible plastic. Our covers are designed to fit as many people as possible, which may cause fit issues with teeth that are in early stages of treatment due to misalignment or poor positioning/gaps.

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