Comfort Cover Quick Fit Instructions

Comfort Cover Quick Fit Instructions (Updated 2019)

Step 1: Before Fitting, make sure to identify the top and bottom lip cover. The TOP cover will be marked with a RED DOT.

Make sure to note which cover has the red dot before cutting away any extra plastic.

Note: Wearing the wrong cover on upper or lower braces can cause discomfort and fit issues, so always check!

Step 2: To apply, start from the front and center part of each Cover (the area circled in Red) pushing it gently onto your braces until the cover attaches to the wire (you might hear a click). Attach as many clips as possible for the strongest fit. If you notice a clip that is blocked or doesn’t fit correctly, proceed to step 3.

Step 3: In order to give your covers the greatest fit possible, you may need to remove clips that do not fit or cause problems with comfort. To custom fit, simply remove the cover from your mouth, find the clip(s) that does not attach or is causing problems and cut them off. Repeat as needed!

After locating a clip that doesn’t fit, simply cut it away. Clips that don’t fit can sometimes cause the Comfort Cover to pop off.

Note: Many patients have achieved better fit by removing the front clip of each double clip located on the left and right ends of the comfort cover.

Depending on each patient, the second clip of each back double clip can be removed to increase fit.

Cleaning/Care Instructions

Comfort Covers should be washed regularly
. Covers can be cleaned by using simple soap and cold water or by brushing with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Alternatively, covers can be soaked in white vinegar and water, non-alcoholic mouthwash, a baking soda and water mix, or commonly sold denture/retainer cleaners. Do not boil, microwave, dishwash or rinse with very hot water. Doing so may cause the plastic to deform.

Comfort Enhancement

Comfort Covers can be used with orthodontic wax or silicone to increase overall comfort for the user. If you still feel areas of discomfort or pain, try using wax/silicone in the specific trouble area in order to achieve custom relief.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with out Comfort Covers, please feel free contact us directly at or via Amazon and ask for a refund. If possible, please give us a detailed account of any issues or concerns so that we can further improve our Comfort Covers in the future!

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