Orthodontic Supplies

TecnidentUSA manufactures and distributes an extensive line of orthodontic supplies at an incredible value.

At TecnidentUSA, we offer an extensive catalog of high quality products with incredible value for sale in retail and wholesale quantities. Most of our products are manufactured at our facilities in Brazil, allowing us to have total control over quality and design. Additionally, we focus on a “lean” approach to our business processes, with a small but dedicated sales team, minimal physical footprint and efficient inventory system. As part of this system, we openly publish all prices and volume discounts.

As a result, we are able to offer custom orthodontic supplies, products at an incredible value. By cutting out the middle man, we are able to offer the lowest prices possible, and since our products are not being made in China, we have no issues with current politics. We maintain a local inventory for same-day shipping of smaller orders. Additionally, we also offer a quick and easy ordering process for larger and custom orders direct from our factories. TecnidentUSA also offers “White Label” and “Custom Packaging”


are able to offer custom orthodontic supplies and products at an

Orthodontic Supplies & Products

A partial list of orthodontics supplies and products we provide for orthodontic care specialists includes:

  • Orthodontic Bonding and Accessories
  • Orthodontic Brackets
  • Orthodontic Bands and Buccal Tubes
  • Archwires, Coil Springs
  • Orthodontic Elastics
  • Orthodontic Headgear
  • Orthodontic Face Bows and Auxiliaries
  • Orthodontic Mouthguard and Retainer Cases