Orthodontic Brackets

Orthodontic Brackets are the backbone of traditional braces. Brackets are small squares that attach to your teeth. They act like handles to hold the archwires that move the teeth. Brackets come in a variety of types, sizes and materials.

Brackets are generally divided into four main types: Standard, Lingual, Self-Ligating and aesthetic

Standard Brackets are the most common of the three types.The brackets mount to the front of your teeth and use elastics to stay in place. Standard brackets are generally the cheapest of the three.

Self-Ligating Brackets hold the achwire in place without the need of elastics. Metal doors are instead responsible for holding the archwire in place. As a result, these brackets offer less friction on the wire and speed up alignment compared to standard brackets. Self-Ligating Brackets are far more expensive and complex.

Lingual Brackets mount to the back of your teeth, which makes them hard to see during treatment. This is an ideal bracket type for people who don’t like the look of braces. Prices for Lingual Brackets are generally between those of self-ligating and standard brackets.

Aesthetic Brackets come in every type listed above, but use non-metal materials such as ceramic and composite to be nearly invisible when worn. This is because they are designed to either be transparent, or match the color of teeth.